How? (Students)

By enabling children to research their family history and become its guardians before it's too late. The average age of a family historian is 55, by which time their greatest resources - parents & grandparents - often are no longer available.

By working with younger age groups to get them interested and engaged in their family, local and community histories. By connecting students, families & schools across UK & the world through innovative approaches to digital technology for research, content generation & distribution.

This is achieved by having students:

  • Interview their family members to find as much information as they are able to regarding their ancestors 
  • Build their family tree on MyHeritage software
  • Research their family through Findmypast and other websites – children become ‘History Detectives’
  • Discover unknown stories – two new pieces of information they didn’t know before and they’re hooked
  • Learn and be inspired by a variety of professional and celebrity mentors who will visit each school
  • Engage in learning through their own experiences
  • Share their findings with other pupils and cultures across the UK
  • Make a short film of their journey that will be judged locally/regionally and finally nationally at the British Film Institute in London at the end of the project.